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Littlest Pet Shop Party & My Little Pony Ideas for Little Kids’ Parties

Your animal lover can now invite all of her friends to a pet shop party full of furry fun!  First, she must choose who will come as the frog, kitty, squirrel, and monkey.  Encourage the children to dress up and arrive ready to play at your pet store in the basement, outside, or in the playroom.


Create a great first impression using our Littlest Pet Shop Standee that will offer great photo opportunities as well as serve as a fun entryway into the party.  Once inside, bring the characters to life with Mylar balloons, crepe paper, and awesome 3-d table centerpieces.

There are a million ways to get this party hoppin’!  Start off with a game of animal themed Charades or Pictionary.  Have suggestions printed out on fun animal print paper.  These games can easily be made more difficult for an older age group by choosing more exotic animals.  The Littlest Pet Shop Favor Pack is always a hit for prizes or you can go with the popular rubber bracelets or magnet boards.

See some real life animals and give back to the community.  Check with your local animal shelter to see if they offer any tours or educational shows.  You can include in your invitations a note to bring toys or treats to donate.  A great opportunity for a craft project is to buy a case of canned dog or cat food and pre-cut labels for the kids to decorate.  The Littlest Pet Shop stickers would be perfect for this activity.  You can also pre-make homemade treats with your special birthday helper and have party guests assemble goody bags for the puppies and kittens.  The kids might even be able to pass out the gifts during their tour!

Here is a great tutorial on how to make homemade dog treats.

If going on a field trip during your party isn’t an option, consider hiring a reputable animal showcase expert who can bring a real life pet shop to your party.  These programs are always a hit, and as an added bonus they’re educational too!


Our My Little Pony line offers many great products for every horse crazy little girl.  A personalized pony banner will help make the day extra special!  Adorable decorations like a castle prop, pink heart balloons, and pony centerpieces will melt any little girl’s heart.  Special My Little Pony Danglers will look great at the party and your daughter will love hanging them in her room afterwards.

Fill the pony piñata with tons of delicious candy and toys to set your party off with a bang.  Stick horse races are also a big hit!  Borrow from friends or make your own from dowel rods and pony picture cut outs.  The races can be ridden single or the girls can ride double which will undoubtedly make for some hilarious outtakes.

Try hiding My Little Pony dolls all over and make a mysterious scavenger hunt or treasure map that the girls have to follow to save all of their MLP friends!  My Little Pony bracelets make great prizes for the winners.

Whether your little one goes nuts for Littlest Pet Shop or crazy for My Little Pony they will love these animal themed party ideas!


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