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Birthday Kids’ Games for Sesame Street Birthday Parties

Young children often don’t see the differences between decorative items and toys, and with a Sesame Street birthday party, you can happily save that lesson for another day!

Here are some products that will delight the eye and turn into playthings in a blink.

Fringed decorations.* Choose a bright metallic foil curtain for a doorway. Kids love the novelty of pushing the fringe aside to see what’s in the next room. Because party curtains are inexpensive and easily trimmed to fit, you can use them to great effect in backyard obstacle courses and for impromptu stages.

Use fringed table skirting and see how quickly an ordinary of furniture turns into a fort or a coveted cave for hide-and-seek!

Cone hats. You can use party cone hats in primary colors to write the children’s names on them and use as table place cards. Hide a small toy or favor under each hat. If the kids pull out mini flutes, it’s time to sing; if they pull out bouncy balls, a ball-and-cup game can commence using the hats as the cups.

One of our favorites to hide is Sesame Street bubbles. Let the bubble-blowing contests and games of bubble tag begin!

Reusable columns. Columns are more of an investment than many decorations but they are extremely versatile, especially since you can change their basic color simply by buying new slips.

Start with a couple of columns in red, yellow or blue and embellish them with decorations from Sesame Street 1st Birthday party supplies or Elmo’s 1st Birthday party supplies. Danglers, cutouts and balloons are examples of themed decorations you can use. Alternatively, you can simply wrap the columns in tissue festooning in a contrasting primary color, preferably red or yellow to evoke Elmo’s fur or Big Bird’s feathers – and which perhaps could be cut into “boas” for dress up activities later in the party.

Columns are classic entrance decorations but don’t stop there. Work them in photo ops and to mark turnarounds for indoor relay races.

Shop party supplies by color for columns, slips and festooning.

Piñatas. We’ve long used piñatas on tables when we want to display a big, colorful theme decoration. For a Sesame Street birthday party, we have Elmo and Abby. Tie a few balloons to an outstretched hand to promote extra squee.

Tableware. Once the cake is eaten and the active play has given way to quieter activities, turn the table and tableware into an arts and crafts center. A solid color table cover becomes a palette for crayons and washable markers, while colorful plastic spoons are turned into puppets with mini pom-poms, googly eyes and pipe cleaners (click here for an example of cute but simple “spoon people”).

Have these ideas tickled your imagination? Visit 1st birthday supplies for even more inspiration!

*Fringed decorations and other decorations and toys that have small parts or pieces that can be pulled off are not meant for children three and under.


A Slam Dunk of a Birthday Party

Get those basketballs dribbling for the championships, because this party is going to be a real slam dunk! Its fun to shoot hoops and this party will be no exception.

Send out basketball invitations to round up your players for the party.

The slam dunk vinyl banner is an affordable party decoration. The vinyl banner features a basketball with background design and works perfectly for entrances, table decorations and more. Basketball cutouts are easy to put up on the walls to decorate any party space. The basketball photo op is sure to have the kids slam dunking! This personalized basketball stand in features a basketball player going up for a slam dunk. Float mylar basketball balloons in your party space. Keep your drinks cold in this super cool basketball inflatable cooler.

The Basketball Party Kit basic package includes: dinner plates (8), luncheon napkins (16), 9 oz. cups (8), invitations (8), orange plastic cutlery (set of 8), blue and orange latex balloons (12 each), a dark blue 54” wide x 108″ long plastic tablecover, and royal blue curling ribbon. The deluxe package includes everything in the basic package plus a 10″ by 30″ attach n’ go banner, a basketball mylar balloon (1), silver spiral candles (10), and national blue and flame red crepe streamers.

Play basketball, of course! Play a game of P-I-G, H-O-R-S-E, or whatever word you choose. The kids will love this basketball piñata and especially all of the treats.

Party Favors
Send the kids home with a basketball favor pack that includes: 1 black mesh bag, 1 whistle, 1 basketball kick ball, 1 basketball clapper, 1 basketball rocket, and 1 atomic fire ball. Check out more party favors to create your own favor pack.

Make Your Hockey Party a Real Slap Shot

Hockey fans, it’s time to cheer on your favorite hockey player for his birthday. He is going to love this cool as ice birthday theme almost as much as he likes watching the Stanley Cup!

Send out these hockey invitations that have the look of a red, white, blue and black hockey puck with the words YOU’RE INVITED written in white on top of the puck. White envelopes are included.

Be sure to hang the hockey flag garland to welcome your hockey fans. Kids will love to pose as a goalie in the hockey player photo stand in to have their picture taken. Hockey danglers look great hanging from the ceiling of your party space. To make your table really cool and festive, use a hockey puck centerpiece. Decorate the room with plenty of hockey puck mylar balloons to really score a goal with your hockey fans.

The Hockey Party Pack basic package includes: dinner plates (8), luncheon napkins (16), 9 oz. cups (8), thank you notes (8), classic red plastic cutlery (set of 8), blue and red metallic latex balloons (12 each), a navy blue 54” wide x 108″ long plastic tablecover, and black curling ribbon. The deluxe package includes everything in the basic package plus a 10″ by 30″ attach n’ go banner, a hockey 18” mylar balloon (1), candy stripe blue candles (24), and navy blue and classic red crepe streamers. Another tablecover option is a hockey plastic tablecover that has the look of a red, white, blue and black hockey puck and stick on a blue and white netted background.

Play hockey of course! If you don’t have an ice rink near by, opt for roller hockey or floor hockey. Many video game systems have hockey video games available.

Party Favors
Fill up the kids hockey loot bags with hockey stickers, sport shape bracelets, spiral whistles or a metal whistle, a winner trophy, a puck, and plenty of candy.

A Pirate Life Birthday Party

It’s the pirate life for me and your child with this great theme birthday party. Set sail with these fun party supplies and get ready to find your treasure.

Send out treasure map pirate invitations to invite fellow pirates to your party. These captivating invitations come in a package of 8 and include envelopes.

Fly your skull and bones pirate flag to gather your pirates for the party. Post your beware of pirates yard sign to alert the sailors. The pirate insta-theme scene setter is perfect for creating a pirate atmosphere. Add the mylar pirate ship balloon to your party space. A cardboard treasure chest is fun to fill with all kinds of fake treasure for your pirates! Spread gold coins on your table to give it a rich look. The personalized pirate photo setting is a self-standing cardboard display with a skeleton pirate. Personalize with two lines of text.

The pirates birthday party kit basic package includes: dinner plates (8), luncheon napkins (16), 9 oz. cups (8), invitations (8), red plastic cutlery (set of 8), black and red latex balloons (12 each), a dark blue 54″ wide x 108″ long plastic tablecover, black star confetti, and black metallic curling ribbon. Another really cool tablecover is the pirate’s map tablecover.

Set up a scavenger hunt to lead your pirates to the treasure. Equip your pirates with inflatable swords, eye patches, and pirate hats for a fun, but safe sword fight. Nothing will delight your pirates more than a treasure chest piñata. The piñata measures 12″ high by 12″ wide by 7 3/4” diameter.

Party Favors
Send the pirates home with a Pirates of the Caribbean 2 treat box.

Under Construction Birthday Party Theme

Boys love to play with trucks! Trucks of all kinds get their attention. The under construction birthday party theme is both fun and it can be used for boys of various ages.

Send out the 4” by 6” under construction invitations featuring a big yellow backhoe.

The under construction warning tape is 45’ long by 3” wide and is made of yellow plastic with black strips and says “Birthday Zone.” Use this for decorating tables, windows, and more in your party space! Construction Signs are perfect for setting the construction site scene. Each of the construction signs is made of card stock and measure 11“high by 11” wide. The construction signs come in an assortment of styles and sayings and are sold in packages of seven. Use orange cones as a table centerpiece or to section off an area in your party site. Another great table centerpiece is to use a plastic construction hard hat. The hard hat is also great for the birthday boy, or for passing them out to your guests. The dump truck mylar balloon is great for decorating your space, along with brightly colored blue, red, yellow, and orange construction latex balloons with bulldozers printed on two sides. A construction personalized banner is also adds fun to the construction site.

The Under Construction Kit-N-Kaboodle basic package includes: dinner plates (8), luncheon napkins (16), 9 oz. cups (8), thank you cards (8), orange plastic cutlery (set of 8), orange and blue latex balloons (12 each), chocolate 54″ w x 108″ plastic tablecover, and yellow curling ribbon. The deluxe package includes everything in the basic package plus a 10″ by 30″ attach n’ go banner, an under construction mylar balloon (1), silver spiral candles (Pkg. of 10), and orange and blue crepe streamers. There are also two other cool choices for birthday candles. Construction zone molded candles come in a package of four different shapes including a dump truck, a cement truck, a bulldozer, and a bulldozer with a scoop on the front. Under construction cone molded candles come in a package of six.

The dump truck piñata will be a big “hit” with the boys. Use the orange construction cones and construction warning tape to set up on obstacle course in your party space, or outside. You could have them move a pile of “dirt” with a shovel, or set up tires as obstacles. Give out miniature construction trucks as prizes for the winners.

Party Favors
Don’t forget the party favors! In addition to a construction hard hat and miniature construction trucks, check out the other boy party favors and other great party supplies that are available.

Crazy, Fun Boys’ Birthday Ideas

We all know that boys can be wild, crazy, and fun! That’s why their birthday party should be just as wild and crazy as they are. Below are some great boy birthday ideas for you that are timeless!

Space Odyssey
This party will be out of this world crazy for your boy and his friends! Decorate your launch pad with this happy birthday space patrol vinyl banner, space odyssey mylar balloons, and space wall decals. There is everything to set your space table in the space odyssey party pack. You can even outfit the boys with a personalized space helmet! The boys will line up to play the space bean bag toss game. A crazy experience would be to offer the boys astronaut ice cream and then send them home with a space milk chocolate lollipop!


Nothing says crazy and fun like racing and Nascar! The boys will love getting a racing pit pass invitation, which serves as both an invitation and has a lanyard with a plastic jacket to serve as a pit pass. You can put up a personalized racing yard sign for your race day birthday party. Decorating with racing street sign cut-outs will really get their engines reving! The Nascar party pack will make your life easier. It contains plates, napkins, cups, thank you notes, cutlery, balloons, a table cover, and curling ribbon. The race car wheel water game will be fun for everyone! There is also a sure race winner with the race car pinata.


Monsters are definitely crazy and fun! From monster mania coloring books to the monster mania masks, the party theme covers boys of all ages. Decorate your table with the monster mania centerpiece and the monster mania party pack. This kit includes plates, cups, thank you notes, cutlery, bright blue and green balloons, a table cover, and curling ribbon. There are tons of fun monster games to play, and then send them home with a monster birthday favor pack.

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