Birthday Party Decorating Ideas

Summer’s the perfect time of year to create some buzz. Do it with these cool “bee-day” themes and supplies for sweet parties this season.

1. Buzz. Dressed in a cheerful yellow with accents reminiscent of classic dotted Swiss, Buzz party supplies (shown at right) are understandably bee-coming summer baby showers as well as birthday parties for baby, toddler and preschooler.

Adjust for age group with your selection of activities (piñatas vs. bingo) and favors (bee wearables vs. jars of homemade lavender honey). For a party of mixed ages, you can please the whole hive by piling a tiered Sweet Server high with honey cupcakes.

2. Stars. A Stars party is a classic for prom but it’s high time to think outside the gymnasium. This is an appealing birthday theme for all ages, both sexes, and many, many interests. Try it for a dressed-down preteen or teen birthday party, starting with a starry backdrop. Supply glow items and playing card favors for a sleepless sleepover, and plenty of popcorn if the stars theme will orbit a space-based movie marathon.

3. Patriotic. Folks who were born on or close to Flag Week, the 4th of July or any other patriotic holiday are of course the obvious candidates here, but not the only ones. Flag season runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day, so anyone wanting to celebrate love of country as well as a summer natal day might choose this theme.

Besides, summer birthday parties look really good in a sizzlin’ red.

Take this party outdoors if you can! Flags, bunting, and fireworks demand it. Also, backyard barbecue party supplies are highly compatible in terms of both color and culture – think gingham as well as stripes.

4. Hollywood. Plan a Hollywood theme for a movie buff, or to help any birthday honoree feel like a star. You can plan a memorable milestone party from Sweet 16 on up using this theme. It also holds interesting possibilities for a pool party.

To summer-ize Hollywood by bringing it outside, put together a combination of paradise and bling. Our wire palm tree would make a good start to inspiring such a natural/glam mix.

Deck the deck, gazebo or pavilion in a Hollywood patterned gossamer intertwined with Milky Way wire garland and set up a “red carpet” photo op area with an aisle runner, red rope railings and the vinyl Hollywood backdrop of your choice.

Then, it’s sunglasses all around!

5. Luau. An enduring party theme for many decades, the luau has loads of potential variations: Moonlight Beach, Tiki Paradise, Surf Shack Shenanigans, Tropical Nights and as many more as you can come up with.

Luau’s endurance ensures that you will be able to find the party supplies you have in mind. It is probably also one of the most popular themes for bringing the outdoors inside.

You’ll definitely want to place palm tree shopping at or near the top of the list – along with a tiki hut, lei selection and outstanding coconut products.

Throw this fabulous summer birthday party for anyone old enough to hula.


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