Birthday Party Decorating Ideas

With summertime just around the corner and beautiful weather ahead, you have a great opportunity to plan a fun party with an interesting theme. Whether it’s for a birthday or for Vacation Bible School, Out of Africa makes a great summer party theme! Summer means imaginations run wild, searching for adventure… so gather up your friends and their children, plan a fun summer party, and take them on a safari to Africa!

Out of Africa Kit Sets the Scene

When planning your safari party, the first thing to think about are the decorations you need. What decorations will transport you to Africa? With aout of africa kit party decorating kit, all you’ll need to add are the finishing touches. The Out of Africa kit provides you with a welcome sign, shield standees, a conga drum standee, and decorative poles—everything you need to start creating the perfect party! All you’ll have to add after the decorating kit are the extra touches that make the party more unique to you.

Birthday Party Touches

Those extra decorative party touches depend on what type of event you’re planning. If you’re planning a birthday party, you’ll want to be practical and make sure you have all the plates and napkins you’ll need. You may want to look into a kit-n-kaboodle in a solid color so you have all your paper products taken care of. Then you can focus on a few other aspects of the party, such as other decorations or any activities (if it’s a party for a younger age group) or party favors to put in goody bags.

If you’re planning a children’s party, why not hang some jungle monkey cutouts along one wall? You could send one home with each guest as a way to remember the party! You could also have pith helmets and binoculars on hand for extra souvenirs and playtime. This is a great way to get your guests and their parents involved with the party and each other.

Decorative Touches for Vacation Bible School

If you decide to use the Out of Africa kit for your Vacation Bible School decorating, you’ll be able to use it for more than one day. You could plan a few lessons surrounding the creatures of Africa and use a variety of cardboard standees to show your students the different animals that roam the earth. ca Themes Ideal for Birthday and Vacation Bible School Decorating

Monkey ears and tailFor example, you could line an area of the floor with green tissue grass and select a few helpers to dress up—as tigers or as Tiger ears and tailmonkeys. Then, send your VBS students on a safari! Give them each a jungle explorer set and use the decorations to help them learn about the variety of creatures placed on this earth and where some of those creatures can be found.

With a little imagination and some decorations, you can create a fun African safari-themed party for your friends or your students to help pass the summer. It can be more than just a fun party—if it’s planned well and creativity is used, it can be a great learning experience for a lot of people.


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