Birthday Party Decorating Ideas

All those poor, poor people with December birthdays. Year after year their presents count as both birthday and Christmas gifts, and their parties are overshadowed by the holiday season. Don’t let your favorite December birthday go by without an incredible party that makes the birthday boy or girl feel like it’s more than just another holiday party.

Personalize the Party

Perhaps one of the greatest ways to celebrate someone’s birth is as simple as celebrating the person! Personalized party supplies are sure to be a huge hit with the birthday person and party guests. Besides personalizing party favors and other decorations, do something really unique and celebrate the guest of honor with Birthday Faces. Everyone at the party can pretend to be the birthday boy or girl when holding an 11-inch high face that is a photo of the person they are celebrating! For entertainment, consider playing a trivia game with questions all about the birthday person, or have homemade movies playing that completely focus on the guest of honor. A personalized party is a wonderful way to make the guest of honor feel like a one-of-a-kind.

Make them the “Star”

starMake the birthday boy or girl outshine everyone else at the party by making him or her feel like a star. A star-themed party can be simple, yet fun, if done with the right decorations. Try and make every single detail in the shape of stars- balloons, banners, hanging decorations and more! Since you want the guest of honor to shine brightly, have guests wear their favorite sunglasses as a fun way to show the birthday person how bright they really are.

Surprise them with Summer

For his or her entire life, birthdays have meant red and green, Christmas trees and maybe even snow. Throw them off with a summer-themed December birthday party! Everyone will literally forget what season it is if you keep the decorations and party hot, hot, hot! One way to take it is with a beach theme. Turn up the heat and have party guests wear their favorite beach outfits for a party filled with fruity drinks, limbo, and of course, beach balls. The guest of honor will appreciate the change in scenery from the typical December birthday party.

Fire and Ice

If you still want to incorporate a little bit of the holiday season into the birthday party, fireconsider throwing a Fire and Ice party. Suggest that guests wear either red, for fire, or blue and white, for ice. A Fire and Ice birthday party can be a classy, elegant celebration of the birthday person. If the celebration is at a large venue, there’s nothing better than the Fire and Ice Theme Kit, which includes decorations like arches, paper flames and lighted trees. LED Cube Lights give off the perfect glow for the “ice” part of the theme, and flaming table torches are ideal for creating some of the “fire.” The theme of Fire and Ice can go hand-in-hand with the holidays, but it can also stand on its own as a stylish and sophisticated December birthday party theme.

Whatever you do, make sure the birthday person feels special. There’s no reason to mesh someone’s birthday party into a holiday party. The birthday person is surely unique. Make their party the same way!


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