Birthday Party Decorating Ideas

Linda Jackson, co-anchor for Indiana’s News Center, has been reporting the news on TV in Fort Wayne since 1988, earning her numerous local and state awards for her work as a journalist. Recently, Linda celebrated a birthday, so we turned the tables on her for an interview about her fantasy birthday party.

Do you have a birthday memory that is particularly special to you?

You know. I’m a twin. I had a twin brother growing up and he was born five minutes before midnight on September 18th and I was born six minutes after midnight on September 19th. It was always very special to have a twin growing up, but one of the the memories that I have that is strongest lasted for the first twelve years of my life, having to wait a day for my birthday celebration. As I got older and I got into high school, he allowed me to share his birthday. I lost him to a drunk driver when we were both seventeen […]That’s what my birthday’s about, great memories of him and growing up with him and sharing a birthday with him. It was very special.

If you were to have the ultimate fantasy birthday party for you? Who would attend (real life/fictional/historical)?

There’s a side of me who would invite every living president and their spouses. And we would sit at dinner at a nice restaurant and just shoot the breeze. And there’s another part of me that would absolutely celebrate again together with my brother. So I actually have two fantasy birthdays.

If you could decorate in any way, what sorts of decorations would you have or what party favors would you give out?

If I had dinner with the presidents and their spouses, I would definitely have a patriotic motif. I’m a very patriotic person, always have been, and that would be the decorations for that party. If I had a party with my twin brother, I would have to say movie posters and music posters from the ’80s. Movie poster and music posters from the 80’s because we were definitely kids of the 80’s, products of the ’80s, and movies were really big to us at that time.

If you had party games or party activities with all the presidents and their spouses, what would you do?

At the presidential party, if it was a Democrat I was talking to, I’d make him stand up and face a Republican in the room and say something nice about him, and vice-versa. I would force them to be non-partisan. Absolutely, that would be one game or activity at that party.

I think that the activity [at my brother’s] party would just be to sit and rehash wonderful old family memories I never had that opportunity. I think that would be fun to look back on the fondest of memories in our family. And maybe a little Pin the Tail on the Donkey, what the heck?

What would the menu be like for your party food?

With the presidents, an absolute All-American menu, no holds barred, just All-American. Apple pie, fried chicken, corn on the cob…all the way through.  (For her brother’s party:) I would have every single one of my brother’s favorite foods at that party. It would be all about him and having him back.


If you want to host patriotic birthday party like Linda’s there are plenty of awesome decoration options. With the election drawing near, a patriotic party seems like a timely idea. Use Americana-inspired items like flag garland, sparkling stars, and gingham table covers to set a light, All-American tone for your party. Use patriotic tableware such as the Picnic Basket Kit to serve up your classic American foods like apple pie and fried chicken. For dessert, decorate your cake with white frosting and a strawberry and blueberry flag or serve individual patriotic parfaits. To celebrate the presidents, create a unique twist on the classic game, Guess Who by adding presidents’ portraits. A round of Presidential Guess Who really tests guests’ knowledge.

If an 80s party is more your style, check some of Ft. Wayne’s local record stores or vintage shops to see if they have vintage posters. If they don’t have the movies or albums you’re looking for, you can find great deals on Ebay too. SindigZ 80’s party supplies offer bright colors and retro styles to create an 80s dance vibe out of your favorite John Hughes film. For a lower-key night, you could add your movie posters to the theater-inspired accents of our Movie Night supplies.

What’s your fantasy birthday party?


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