Birthday Party Decorating Ideas

Surprise Birthday Party!

Most teenage boys would shy away at the idea of their parents throwing them a birthday party.  However, try conspiring with a few of your son’s friend to throw him a surprise party!  You could plan for his friends to come “kidnap” your son for the day while you throw together the perfect surprise party.  You could even arrange to have your soon-to-be 16-year-old’s friends take him laser tagging or go-karting for the day while you decorate.  Anything is possible, as long as they’re away from your house long enough for you to get the party zone set up.

Birthday Theme Ideas for Boys

Picking a birthday theme gets more difficult as your children grow up.  With girls, you can go from fairytales and princesses to a candy-based Sweet 16.  Boys are a little more difficult to plan a party for, however.  Here are a few ideas to look for when planning a birthday party for a 16-year-old boy.

  • Cars:  Not the children’s movie!  If your son is interested in cars, whether classic muscle cars from many years past or current cars, plan a 16th birthday party that will catch his attention.  Contact any friends or family members you know who may have a classic car or truck.  Also, look for fun cardboard standees of fun 50’s cars.  As far as food goes, why not do some traditional cookout foods?  Hot dogs, hamburgers, and fries will give your son’s 16th birthday party a fun, drive-in feel—especially if there are classic muscle cars around!  Keep up with the cookout and cars theme and serve root beer floats to go with the birthday cake for dessert.  That way, there is still cake and ice cream, but with a fun twist.
  • Sports:  What teenage boy doesn’t like sports?  Whether your son’s favorite is football, basketball, or baseball, you can plan a fun party for your 16-year-old.  Depending on which sport you’re planning for, you can also organize a game in the backyard!  You could also buy the newest video game in any of those sports for your son’s favorite gaming system and let all the guests (mainly the guest of honor) go at it!
  • Racing:  If your soon-to-be 16-year-old likes racing, you could always plan a party for him and his friends at a go-kart track (if you haven’t sent him there with his “kidnappers,” that is)!  Start the day by surprising your son with a new racing video game and his favorite party foods: pizza, wings, and anything else he might like.  Then, have everyone pile into a vehicle or two and take the party to the go-kart track!

While there are many more ideas out there, these three are sure-fire sixteenth birthday party ideas for a boy.  Remember, the two most important ingredients are good friends and good food.  If your son is able to hang out with his friends, fun will happen almost naturally.


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