Birthday Party Decorating Ideas

A Big Birthday

The twenty-first birthday is a huge milestone.   It’s one of three big post-childhood birthdays: 16, 18, and 21.  Because of this, entire families usually get involved—especially for the twenty-first birthday.  Many family members not only want to welcome the newest adult to the family, but they also want to make sure that new adult stays safe on and after their birthday.  Every family member offers tips to the new adult on their birthday.  Here’s a list of twenty-one birthday tips for the new 21-year-old.

  1. Have a designated driver—whether or not you want to enjoy your first adult beverage, you shouldn’t have to drive yourself on your own birthday!
  2. Eat your heart out!  Many restaurants offer discounts or free meals on birthdays.  Take advantage!  You could always try one restaurant for lunch and a different restaurant for dinner.
  3. Wear comfortable shoes!  Especially if you start your birthday early, it’s going to be a long, late night.
  4. Identifying yourself is key! Whether it’s a hat, shirt, tiara, sash, or a button on your shirt, make sure the world knows it’s your birthday.
  5. Go low-key—nothing is worse than a high-maintenance posse.  A night on the town, whether dancing, shooting pool, movies, laser tag, or mini-golf, only requires the bare essentials.  (Those bare essentials can be as simple as your cell phone, your ID, and your money.  Girls, this is when you’ll want to carry a wristlet—a clutch or wallet that has a strap to go around your wrist.  This way, you can keep lip gloss with you!)
  6. Plan a rendezvous—if your group gets separated, plan to meet at a designated place and time.  This way, if any party member switches vehicles but forgets an item of clothing or a phone, they’re guaranteed to get it back by the end of the night.
  7. Start early!  It’s your birthday all day, so why wait until dinnertime to enjoy your day?  Plan to do stuff with friends and family early in the day as well as at night.  Go shopping, get your nails done (for the girls), go go-karting or play laser tag (for the boys), make your birthday a day-long event.
  8. Find the specials!  Long nights turn into expensive nights if you don’t do some pre-birthday research.
  9. Do your own thing!  Many birthdays have been ruined by friends with good intentions.  Stick to events that the guest of honor enjoys.
  10. Roll with it—all the planning in the world cannot prevent chaos.  Be ready for anything!  And remember, sometimes the worst nights make the best memories.
  11. Make it a theme night!  Pick your favorite movie, band, or color, and ask your friends to dress up and participate.
  12. Take it easy!  Especially if you’re planning an all-day birthday event, go slow!  Don’t try to do too much at once—space things out, stay hydrated and fed, and make sure to relax and have fun.
  13. Plan ahead—play it safe and watch the weather, especially if you’re planning any outdoor events.
  14. Be the star!  Everyone has those friends that just have to be the center of attention.  Don’t let them take over your birthday!  It’s your day, so the attention needs to be on you!
  15. Dress appropriately.  It’s better to be in jeans, a shirt, and comfy shoes than heels and a skirt.  There is much less chance of falling.
  16. Don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself.  It’s your 21st birthday!  You’re allowed to be a little sillier and childish than normal, as long as you have a good time. Wear a feather boa.  Do something outside your comfort zone.
  17. Remember to bring a camera!  You will regret it later if you don’t have pictures to document your birthday, so be sure someone has a camera, whether it’s you or one of your friends.
  18. Don’t just plan to celebrate with your friends, but celebrate with the friends that you trust.  If you choose to partake in an adult beverage, make sure your friends are there with you to make sure you don’t lose control.  Be responsible.
  19. Make the most of every stop during your birthday.  No matter what types of places you visit, your friends are very capable of persuading restaurant workers to sing “Happy Birthday” to you and completely embarrass you in other ways, so do something different at each stop you make.
  20. For those who choose to stay in on their birthday, you could still look into a themed birthday party!  Try a casino theme for your twenty-first birthday.  This way, you can still get quite a few friends together and play some cards while you relax.  Your guests can be responsible for bringing the food, while you’re the one who will set up the decorations and party favors.
  21. For a bigger and better night on the town, why not plan a trip to the nearest big city?  Whether it’s Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, or St. Louis, there are tons of things to do in all the big towns around the country.

The twenty-first birthday is one of the biggest!  Because it’s one of the biggest, you have to make it one of the best!  Whether you stay in and decorate for an at-home party or plan a night out with your friends, make the most of your twenty-first birthday and remember—it’s your day, why not make your birthday the biggest event of the year?


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