Birthday Party Decorating Ideas

It’s time to celebrate and there’s going to be a slumber party.   What on earth can you do to stay headache free and make this a successful party?  Planning is everything!

Figure out how many guests you’re inviting, and let them know about the big party through a birthday photo invitation.  You can choose a theme based on activities like sports, a favorite TV character, or interests like dinosaurs, pirates, or a fairytale princess.

Get yourself organized and make life easier by getting the whole kit-n-kaboodle in one place.  Plates, napkins, party hats, and banners that follow the theme of the party look like you spent a lot of time, but it can be headache free!

Make sure that each participant can find the party by creating a personalized banner  wishing the birthday boy or girl well.  Placing a princess cardboard cutout standee or personalized spaceship standee by the door allows guests to get into the party mood quickly.

Figure out what you need for games and activities.  You want more rambunctious games to happen earlier in the evening, and quieter activities later in the evening.  Put out the flag football set early on, and have people fill sand art bottles later on. 

Before you know it, the tired party –goers will be tired and ready for bed!  In the morning, hand out a personalized favor box as your guests leave.  This was a party to remember and it was headache-free!


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