Birthday Party Decorating Ideas

November: the smell of baking apple pie, the sight of colorful leaves, and the feel of a warm sweater. It’s a great month to celebrate a birthday. What are some ideas for a November birthday party?

Fall Party

A fall theme is perfect for a November birthday party. A personalized fall arch can welcome your guests and can serve as a great photo setting as well — take a photo of each guest as they arrive with the guest of honor, and include a copy in thank you notes.

Decorate with hay bales and pumpkins. Small decorative gourds will look great surrounding the cake and punch bowl. Set out bowls of candy corn and other fall-themed candy.

fall decorationsFor games, how about Pin the Beak on the Turkey, or Mouse, Mouse, Where’s Your Cheese (similar to Doggie, Doggie, Where’s Your Bone)?

Thankful Party

In keeping with Thanksgiving, a Thankful party theme is a great idea. Instead of bringing a gift for the guest of honor, let the party-goers bring a donation to a charity (for example, a toy for Toys for Tots).

You might consider holding the “party” at the animal shelter, where guests can volunteer to clean animal cages. Or, meet at a local nursing home and play bingo with the residents. Meet at your home and sew simple cancer pads for the local hospital.

The possibilities are endless here. The “giving” theme of this party will teach a lesson long after the balloons have popped and the cake has been eaten.

Stuffed Animal Party

Fall’s cool days are the perfect time to cuddle up with a stuffed animal. Why not plan a November birthday party around plush pets?

Invite each guest to bring her favorite stuffed animal to the party, and then plan activities revolving around the animals. Hold a contest where each animal gets a prize: prettiest, biggest, most friendly, etc.

For activities, guests can sew simple blankets for their pets or make nametags for them.

The popular Wonder Pets TV show ties in well with this theme, and you can find plates, napkins, decorations and more with the Wonder Pets theme.

Rodeo Party

Ride ’em, cowboy! A rodeo theme is fun for November birthdays.

Begin with a rodeo photo prop where you can easily turn guests into cowboys and cowgirls. Bandanas make great party decorations, and you can send one home with each guest at the party’s end as a favor.

Serve “Rodeo Mix” (trail mix) as a snack. Let kids “brand” pictures of horses and cows with a branding iron (stamper). Practice roping a hay bale calf.


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