Birthday Party Decorating Ideas

Assemble 11″ latex balloons in clusters of four balloons. The balloons can be all one color, or two, three or four different colors. Wrap the clusters of balloons around a 30 pound test monofilament line. Tie each end of the line to a chair or a doorknob, so it is stretched out. Leave 2′ of line loose at each end. Loop the ends around and tie them to the line so the end balloons will not slide off.
Inflate two balloons with air from a helium tank to approximately the same size and tie the necks together. Do not tie the necks separately first. Inflate a second pair of balloons and tie them together also. Twist the two pair of balloons together to make a four-balloon cluster. Continue twisting pairs of balloons together until you have enough clusters to cover the length of swag or strand you are creating. Twist a four-balloon cluster around the end of the monofilament line. Push it down as far as it will go. Twist on a second cluster. Rotate the added cluster so those balloons fit down into the spaces between the previous cluster. Continue adding clusters and rotating them until the round balloon arch is finished.

Swags can be hung straight down from the ceiling, criss-crossed to drop the ceiling of a large room, placed on the ground to outline a dance floor or attached to a door frame. string lights wrapped around a balloon arch or balloon swag can further enhance their appearance. For an elegant look, use two of our white 4’ premier columns as bases for a helium balloon arch. To dress up the arch even more, wrap gossamer around the columns and puddle it on the floor beside the columns. Coordinate your balloons and gossamer in matching or complimentary colors. A balloon arch also makes a lovely photo setting.

We offer two additional items to assist your balloon inflating. First is an inexpensive hand-held plastic balloon inflator for smaller projects. The second is an electric cool air balloon inflator. It makes light work of inflating hundreds or thousands of balloons. If you love to entertain or, if you are often elected to help decorate, a cool air balloon inflator would be welcome on your gift wish list.


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