Birthday Party Decorating Ideas

Tweens are all about hanging out with their friends, jamming to loud music, and texting on their phones! Make sure there is plenty of fun finger food, and party tunes to dance to.

Give the kids good music and let them sing and dance! If you need help in the party music department, here are a few great choices: Kids’ Party Music CD, 80’s Party Music CD, At the Hop 50’s Party Music CD, and It’s A Girl Thing Music CD.

The inflatable cactus limbo game is a riot at any party and tweens love to show off how low they can go! The inflatable cactus has the look of a real cactus in green, yellow, red and orange, but not the feel of a real cactus. It is made of PVC plastic and measures approximately 5 feet tall. It comes with an inflatable limbo stick that lays across the cactus spines.

Face Painting
Kids love to make each other look crazy! Give them face paint sticks and let them go wild. The face paint sticks come in a package of six with following colors: yellow, black, green, white, red and blue. The face paint washes off with soap and water.

Tattoos and Funtoos
Kids can’t resist inking themselves up! Provide them with some fun tattoo party favors and funtoos to put on their arms, legs, faces, and hands. These tattoos are easy to apply and remove.


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