Birthday Party Decorating Ideas

Kids between the ages of 9 to 12 years old want to play fun, cool games.

Bean Bag Toss Game
The pool party bean bag toss game is a blast for kids this age! The board is colorful and comes with 12 bean bags to toss.

Water Balloons
Water balloons are always a big hit with kids! The tie not water balloon kit makes water balloons fast, easy, and fun to fill! The kit comes with one balloon filling nozzle, approximately 100 latex balloons, and one easy knot tying devise. Now your kids can tie their own water balloons in seconds.

Kids this age are not too old for a pinata! They love to take a good whack at the pinata, and grab lots of candy and treats. There are tons of pinatas to choose from.

Girls at this age love sleepover parties! One creative and fun activity that will keep them busy for awhile is the sleepover autograph pillow. The girls will love signing and decorating the pillowcase.

Boys have a terrific time playing this simple, yet entertaining game. The flick football game includes suction cups to support both goalposts and two triangular footballs. Six points are awarded to the player who successfully slides the ball to the edge of the playing surface. Tack on another point for flicking the ball through the uprights.

Find more fun birthday party kids games, activites, and supplies to make planning your party a snap!


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