Birthday Party Decorating Ideas

9s042g Carnivals are jam-packed with fun! The atmosphere is one of the most exciting there is, and a carnival makes for a phenomenal birthday party theme.  The delicious foods, colorful decorations and party game stations can work together to make a killer carnival birthday.

Spread the Word
Send out colorful personalized invitations for the party a few weeks in advance. Be sure to list who the carnival party is for, what time the party is, where it’s being held, and what guests should bring.

Prepare the Prizes
A carnival without prizes is no carnival at all! Prizes might be baked goods, novelty party favors, or candy. Another idea is to award tickets. Have party guests use the tickets to “buy” prizes at the end of the birthday carnival or have them write their names on the tickets and have drawings for prizes.

Create the Carnival
Creating the carnival atmosphere involves a lot of colorful decorations. One place to start is with balloons. Use a combination of Mylar and latex balloons all over the party- on tables, at game stations and hanging from the ceiling if inside.

Make the birthday girl or boy feel extra special with a personalized banner. The banner should probably be placed at the entrance of the venue or at least somewhere where everyone will see it.

Be sure and hang lots of other things around the carnival, like the awesome carnival decorations found in the Outdoor Carnival Decorating Kit. It includes a 24-feet long banner, 24-feet long pennant banner, 24-feet long bunting and 65-inch sign banner.

13szkscfdsCarnival booths that will host the games also act as decorations, as well as directional signs that will help guests know where to go for what at the party.

Party Game Stations
First off, to make things feel like a real carnival, pass out tickets for kids to use at the game stations. Make sure you have enough adults to run each station, or have kids move to each station as a group with an adult.

Have a good selection of carnival party game stations like a raffle wheel, disc drop game, can toss game, and other carnival favorites.

One station could be a photo station where kids get their pictures taken behind a personalized carnival photo stand in. Either have the photos developed and mail them to the party guests or email them a copy.

Snacks and Cake
Snacks like cotton candy, popcorn and candy apples might be available throughout the carnival, but consider ending things with the birthday cake or cupcakes. It would be a great way to finish off your killer carnival by enjoying cake, singing “Happy Birthday” to the guest of honor, watching him or her open gifts and sending everyone home with some fun and memorable party favors.

A carnival birthday party will be one that the birthday boy or girl and all the party guests will remember for years to come. The colorful celebration will take some planning and hard work to pull off, but it will be well worth it.


Baby’s first birthday party calls for bright, lighthearted decorations to match the happy occasion – and there are so many ways to provide them! Here’s an intro to some of our fave baby b-day themes and ways to use them. Maybe one will become your perfect pick, too.

Baby Seuss. One of the features of first birthdays is that family members and friends of all ages get invited. Baby Seuss, with its immediately identifiable characters, will delight not only the birthday boy or girl but anyone who loves these books. The “One fish, two fish, red fish, new fish” play on the original rhyme will particularly tickle the preschoolers.

The primary-colored fish and variegated border designs of Baby Seuss practically invite you to include fish of every stripe at the party. Hang sea creature bubble balloons and a fish piñata from ceilings (or trees, if you’re outdoors) and place clear plastic bowls of fish-shaped crackers around the joint. Our 12” plush fish have the proportions, colors and friendly expressions to attract wee folk as companions while tropical fish water squirters will keep others busy in the yard.

Lalaloopsy. This is normally a young girl’s birthday theme but constitutes a stroke of genius when the impending first birthday belongs to a girl with one or more female siblings or cousins and not much “mixed” company. (Alternatively, you can invite male guests who are either too young to participate in gender, er, discussions, or old enough to understand girl cooties are a cruel myth.)

For this darling, cover the wall behind the cake table with lengths of cloud-patterned gossamer. Treat the table itself with a lavender or hot pink table cover and grass mats on top of the cover; suspend from the “sky” above the table a flower piñata in pink with a yellow center and bunches of Hearts, Dots & Flowers latex balloons in lime, pink and white. Can you think of a better “stage” for dolls, pets and sweet treats? Accent the scene with ribbons and buttons as desired.

Lil Quack. We can’t think of a baby who doesn’t go for the bright colors and big eyes of this quacker.

Lay these adorable party supplies against a summery background of orange and white, then accent this “dreamsicle” of a venue with interesting shapes and textures such as those brought by tissue poms and paper lanterns.

Once the waterfowl baby paradise is ready, introduce a flock of ducklings to it. There are many ways to do this: duck cardboard cutouts, inflatables, mylar balloons, duck game floaters. Party planners everywhere have been making such splashes with the 3D duck cake mold that it’s practically indispensable for this theme – set it afloat upon a table runner “stream” of blue floral sheeting.

More, more and more. We’ve recently expanded our first birthday collection to include Cars Champ, Jungle animals and Bear’s 1st, plus the latest Elmo and Sesame Street party kits. If you’re planning a first birthday celebration this summer, now’s a great time to stop by.


Ah, it’s time for a pool party! The bright sunshine and long, lazy days of summer are finally here.  Cool water and tropical decorations coupled with the ease and simplicity that pool party planning offers will make this the perfect choice for your upcoming summer birthday bash.

There is no doubt that an outdoor party at one’s home or at a club is ideal for busy parents who want built-in entertainment.  Host a pool party for your little swimmer’s next birthday and watch the fun unfold as they join in entertaining games like a water balloon toss in the pool or on land.

Set up a table with small gift prizes and number them on the front. Kids can pull a floating duck out of the pool and choose the prize with the corresponding number that you’ve written on the bottom of the ducky.  And of course, no little one goes home empty handed when there is a party pinata! A beach ball themed piñata fits right in with your theme and can be filled with goodies and trinkets to fill loot bags . Finally,  cool your little fishies down with frozen sweet treats.  Don’t forget to provide some sunscreen, too.

Pool parties are also a great choice for teenagers. Your preteen or sweet sixteen honoree will love having her friends sit poolside to soak in some vitamin D while tossing inflatable beach balls at each other and sipping on iced cold lemonade. You can even ask younger siblings to interview guests, host silly games, or narrate the party’s happenings for a video keepsake.

Creatively decorate outdoor tables and serve up snacks with pizzazz on  sweet treat partyware or tropical summer plates .  Stay cool as a cucumber with chilled fruit bites, fresh veggies, and a snow cone station! Hanging decorations like tiki lanterns strung around the patio add to the tropical feel.  Cool shades and some tunes will top it all off.

But hold on, don’t let the young ones have all the fun. Throw a 40th or 50th luau themed birthday pool party for the young at heart. An island themed event at sunset is just the ticket. Set the mood with some steel drum music and  tabletop tiki lanterns or coconut shaped votives.

Serve up tropical frozen daiquiris from a tabletop tiki bar in delightful, authentic coconut cups and top them off with festive umbrella picks.  Grill pineapple slices alongside chicken or burgers and cube the fruit to skewer with delightful fruit shaped picks.  Finally, really get the party rockin’ when you test out the flexibility of guests with a fun limbo game and an island music CD to shimmy and shake to.

There is no doubt that anyone and everyone will enjoy a cool, pool party this summer whether it’s beachside, at the local neighborhood pool, or right in your own backyard. Come on and join in the fun.  Surf’s up!

Whether your child has an affinity for exotic animals or actually wants to be one, a birthday party with an animal theme will elicit howls of delight.

Begin by tracking safari-related party supplies and you’ll quickly see it wouldn’t be beastly hard to decorate an entire savanna with giraffes, lions, chimps and more.

Cultivate a habitat for your “zoo” in cool greens and bright yellow. Alternatively, select background materials with tiger, leopard or zebra patterns, especially if one of these animals is the birthday child’s favorite. Animal-print gossamer is perfect for creating an entrance curtain, and a matching flat paper can cover a wall as a backdrop to a party table or play area.

In the case where an animal print is going to dominate, stick to the same one and work it with one or two solid colors. If the overall feel is green and jungle-y, use a mix of patterns for smaller decorations and accents.

Jungle Animals, shown at right, is a new design in kids’ animal birthday themes. Meant for the youngest zookeepers, this sunny theme illustrates the type of design that would coordinate very well with animal prints. Criss-cross the ceiling with solid color streamers and suspend giraffe- or zebra-themed paper lanterns between them, for example.

Complete the habitat with jungle or safari animals. Photo quality standees come separately and in sets – some of them even make noise. Place one or more of these free-standing cutouts amid tree and grass props for a photo setting everyone will be wild to join.

For a more hands-on experience, add inflatable animals to your list. They come in a variety of sizes, including new extra-huge elephants, giraffes, zebras and triceratopses (triceratopsi?). Some of them are 7 or more feet high and up to 10 feet long. These big guys are so detailed and adorable, even the grownups are looking for excuses to party with them.

Yes, we included a dinosaur here! As far as we know, zoo themes don’t have to be confined to a particular era, which is good news if you’d like to populate your jungle with prehistoric party animals from one of our hot new collections, Dino Blast (get the scoop on this one here) and Diego’s Greatest Rescue (which mixes beasts historic and pre-).

Must haves for favors are the wearable kind. Zoo animal or dino foam masks, tiger ears and tails, pteranodon wings and T-Rex heads are examples of the kinds of wearables we have and kids go for; and we have pith helmets and binoculars for any human explorers on the guest list as well.

If you haven’t been by lately, take a look at our newest birthday supply kits and collections for kids. We’ve expanded them to gather coordinating supplies, from invitations to activities, all in one place for you. Watch for many new products such as cute new decorated cookies and DIY recommendations on these improved party pages, too.

Unleash a force of nature this summer! Start planning a wild animal-themed kids’ party today.

Before Sulley and Mike were best buds in Monstropolis, the two started out at Monsters University. On June 21, the entire world will have the opportunity to see how these two crazy monsters became such great friends when the movie Monsters University hits theaters.

How do you think Sulley and Mike would handle a major celebration like a birthday? What do you think their graduation party was like when they received their diplomas from Mon13szk3ul650sters University? We think we have an idea. Schools out, and all monsters are ready for a birthday party!

First Birthday with Monsters Inc.

If you know Sulley and Mike, you know they aren’t scary. They’re just a couple of Monsters who make us all laugh! So besides the birthday girl or boy, have the gang from Monsters Inc. be the guests of honor. The 1st Birthday Monsters Inc. Kit-N-Kaboodle is a great place to start. It includes invitations, cups, napkins, plates, cutlery and a table cover. Or go all out with the Ultimate Monsters Inc. package and your party venue will feel like you’re truly in Monstropolis!

Monster Birthday Bash

People of all ages are crazy about lovable monsters like Sulley and Mike. A monster birthday party doesn’t have to be for a toddler! For decorations, get balloons shaped like Sulley and Mike, and make the rest of your decorations in the Monsters Inc. colors, blue and green. Show the movie “Monsters Inc.” or another monster favorite while guests snack and eat cake and ice cream. For a favor idea, consider giving out monster lollipops or monster stickers, so guests can enjoy the party after even after they’ve gone home!

Monster High Birthday Party

Just because they don’t have a movie coming out this summer doesn’t mean the monsters of Monster High aren’t ready to celebrate a birthday!  From the invitations to the decorations, these monster gals are ready to party. Celebrate with cake, ice cream, and maybe watch some of your favorite Monster High videos. Just make sure no one goes home empty-handed. The Monster High Favor Pack will set this monster birthday party ahead of all others in the neighborhood!

Whether it’s partying with Sulley and Mike or the gals of Monster High, it sounds like the monsters are ready for a birthday party. So get to planning the monster event of the summer!

Summer’s the perfect time of year to create some buzz. Do it with these cool “bee-day” themes and supplies for sweet parties this season.

1. Buzz. Dressed in a cheerful yellow with accents reminiscent of classic dotted Swiss, Buzz party supplies (shown at right) are understandably bee-coming summer baby showers as well as birthday parties for baby, toddler and preschooler.

Adjust for age group with your selection of activities (piñatas vs. bingo) and favors (bee wearables vs. jars of homemade lavender honey). For a party of mixed ages, you can please the whole hive by piling a tiered Sweet Server high with honey cupcakes.

2. Stars. A Stars party is a classic for prom but it’s high time to think outside the gymnasium. This is an appealing birthday theme for all ages, both sexes, and many, many interests. Try it for a dressed-down preteen or teen birthday party, starting with a starry backdrop. Supply glow items and playing card favors for a sleepless sleepover, and plenty of popcorn if the stars theme will orbit a space-based movie marathon.

3. Patriotic. Folks who were born on or close to Flag Week, the 4th of July or any other patriotic holiday are of course the obvious candidates here, but not the only ones. Flag season runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day, so anyone wanting to celebrate love of country as well as a summer natal day might choose this theme.

Besides, summer birthday parties look really good in a sizzlin’ red.

Take this party outdoors if you can! Flags, bunting, and fireworks demand it. Also, backyard barbecue party supplies are highly compatible in terms of both color and culture – think gingham as well as stripes.

4. Hollywood. Plan a Hollywood theme for a movie buff, or to help any birthday honoree feel like a star. You can plan a memorable milestone party from Sweet 16 on up using this theme. It also holds interesting possibilities for a pool party.

To summer-ize Hollywood by bringing it outside, put together a combination of paradise and bling. Our wire palm tree would make a good start to inspiring such a natural/glam mix.

Deck the deck, gazebo or pavilion in a Hollywood patterned gossamer intertwined with Milky Way wire garland and set up a “red carpet” photo op area with an aisle runner, red rope railings and the vinyl Hollywood backdrop of your choice.

Then, it’s sunglasses all around!

5. Luau. An enduring party theme for many decades, the luau has loads of potential variations: Moonlight Beach, Tiki Paradise, Surf Shack Shenanigans, Tropical Nights and as many more as you can come up with.

Luau’s endurance ensures that you will be able to find the party supplies you have in mind. It is probably also one of the most popular themes for bringing the outdoors inside.

You’ll definitely want to place palm tree shopping at or near the top of the list – along with a tiki hut, lei selection and outstanding coconut products.

Throw this fabulous summer birthday party for anyone old enough to hula.

With summertime just around the corner and beautiful weather ahead, you have a great opportunity to plan a fun party with an interesting theme. Whether it’s for a birthday or for Vacation Bible School, Out of Africa makes a great summer party theme! Summer means imaginations run wild, searching for adventure… so gather up your friends and their children, plan a fun summer party, and take them on a safari to Africa!

Out of Africa Kit Sets the Scene

When planning your safari party, the first thing to think about are the decorations you need. What decorations will transport you to Africa? With aout of africa kit party decorating kit, all you’ll need to add are the finishing touches. The Out of Africa kit provides you with a welcome sign, shield standees, a conga drum standee, and decorative poles—everything you need to start creating the perfect party! All you’ll have to add after the decorating kit are the extra touches that make the party more unique to you.

Birthday Party Touches

Those extra decorative party touches depend on what type of event you’re planning. If you’re planning a birthday party, you’ll want to be practical and make sure you have all the plates and napkins you’ll need. You may want to look into a kit-n-kaboodle in a solid color so you have all your paper products taken care of. Then you can focus on a few other aspects of the party, such as other decorations or any activities (if it’s a party for a younger age group) or party favors to put in goody bags.

If you’re planning a children’s party, why not hang some jungle monkey cutouts along one wall? You could send one home with each guest as a way to remember the party! You could also have pith helmets and binoculars on hand for extra souvenirs and playtime. This is a great way to get your guests and their parents involved with the party and each other.

Decorative Touches for Vacation Bible School

If you decide to use the Out of Africa kit for your Vacation Bible School decorating, you’ll be able to use it for more than one day. You could plan a few lessons surrounding the creatures of Africa and use a variety of cardboard standees to show your students the different animals that roam the earth. ca Themes Ideal for Birthday and Vacation Bible School Decorating

Monkey ears and tailFor example, you could line an area of the floor with green tissue grass and select a few helpers to dress up—as tigers or as Tiger ears and tailmonkeys. Then, send your VBS students on a safari! Give them each a jungle explorer set and use the decorations to help them learn about the variety of creatures placed on this earth and where some of those creatures can be found.

With a little imagination and some decorations, you can create a fun African safari-themed party for your friends or your students to help pass the summer. It can be more than just a fun party—if it’s planned well and creativity is used, it can be a great learning experience for a lot of people.

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